A Fistful of Fandango

One amazing thing about London is the sheer amount of musical activity that takes place every other day. One only needs to glance at TimeOut, check out the usual pub where they do regular gigs or just randomly amble around at dusk and crash into any music venue.

Recently, A Fistful of Fandango was organised by the indie guys at Club Fandango, which regularly do indie gigs at several venues. Actually, I find the their website slightly overwhelming with so many artists and information. The gig in question was a part of a series, with the girl duet Robots in Disguise as the main band in that particular night.

Quite a few surprises there, the Black Affair singer plus supporting guys  were quite nice. Very spontaneous, did sound well rehearsed and serious. A pity it was so dark on the stage you could barely see them, one can only imagine they are actually looking for that image. They felt quite at ease if a bit too shy and the audience didn’t seem to understand. Perhaps seeing a little bit more of the performing artists would have helped. Anyway, sweet enough to be left wanting more of these dark sounds. Well, what else can be said of a guy who’s traveled more than 16,000 miles on top of a camel?

Slagsmalsklubben was nice as well, funny with good humored character. Check them out!

Robots in Disguise was somewhat of a disappointment. The female duet overflows with potential but they looked and did sound too ahead of themselves, nervous and thinking rather than playing. Seemingly worried about their customes rather than their performance. Actually, the supporting drummer seemed the only one who was enjoying himself and did put a a lot of effort into the gig. Learn from Black Affair girls! Though the lines to engage the public were quite good, rehearshed or not…